Hi there. Thanks for dropping by. And in case you were wondering, I became known as “Chi-town Sher” when I hit the blues, rock and R&B scene in Southern California many years ago as a bass player.( Blue Baron called me that on stage once, and it just stuck.) However, the collection of songs on Stolen Time was all written on piano and portrays the emotions I experience when I lay hands on keys.

So here is where I do a bit of a plug for my CD. My other pages on this site are pretty much for laughs, like Gigs and Wigs. Have at em. I’ve even got a blog with a bunch of ridiculous stories ripped from my having grown up and remembering them…

Each of the songs on Stolen Time is a delve into my deepest feelings  – which, in retrospect now, seem as if someone else had experienced them, lived through them, and me, the thief, snatched them up and put them down in my own words. Was I really that serious a romantic? Perhaps I still am…

You’ll probably notice while listening, that I take liberties with the timing. In music terms, this is called rubato, a combination of two other words, “rob” and “time,” hence “stolen time,” the perfect pairing of concepts for this particular project.

Enjoy your stroll down my memory’s lane. Perhaps one day, I’ll find myself on yours, or at the crossroads of our converging lanes.

If you like my music and want to  buy my CD directly from me, I’ll even sign it for you. 12 bucks includes shipping in the U.S. Drop me an email and we’ll take it from there. ChiTown.Sher@comcast.net