there’s something about tuna fish that makes me want to eat it almost every day. it could be that it’s just memories of  past tuna fish sandwiches that makes me  reach for a can from the many i have in my cupboard. what i mean is, when i was growing up, i had a best friend, renee. now renee and i have known each other since we were around 8. she lived in what was called a “co-op” in the chicago suburb of skokie. these co-ops were an ugly bunch of brick square buildings that had 4 apartments each. but they weren’t really called apartments because they were owned by the people who lived in them, which today would be called “condos”. at any rate, i lived in an equally ugly house, which was actually a house, but still square and brick, and i had, of all things, an actual door in my bedroom that led directly to the outside. not a very good idea for a girl like me. i would sneak out that door, hop in my parent’s car (how did i get the keys???) and drive over to renee’s. after rapping on her bedroom window, or to be more exact, after throwing a rock or two at it, she’d proceed to sneak out that window lowering herself onto my shoulders and off we’d go in my parents car,  down to old town for some late night fun.

but wait…that’s a whole other story. back to tuna fish. so my mother used to make a lot of tuna fish. she’d do it up fancy. solid albacore in water, just a little mayonnaise, with some onion, celery, pickle relish. spread between a couple slices of homemade bread and there you had what would be my lunch a lot of days. however, renee’s mother had a whole other tuna-fish-sandwich-making technique. renee’s mother would take some chunk tuna in oil, add tons of mayonnaise and stick a huge gob between two slices of white wonder bread. so there we’d be, in the school cafeteria, with our respective tuna sandwiches at lunch and there i’d sit, totally jealous of renee’s spectacular tuna sandwich. so we traded, both of us convinced that the other got the sweeter of the deal.

tuna fish…yum. as a matter of fact, i just happen to be eating lunch right now. guess what i’m having…


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