there’s some things that remain funny to a person, long after they are funny to anyone else. or maybe these things actually were never funny to anyone else…just you and maybe the other person(s) who you shared this funny thing with. i have a feeling i’ve got it right, when i say that the story i’m about to tell is going to seem completely lame and unfunny to anyone reading it. well…so be it. it’s my story.

one night, renee (yes, the very same renee of other stories on this blog) was spending the night over at my house. a girl’s sleepover. we were about 9 or 10 at the time i believe. and as is typical with girls our age, we had the giggles, telling each other “stuff”. i happened to have a book of limericks or some-such and we were reading from it and roaring with laughter, but nothing made us laugh as hard and for as longĀ  as the following:

by the sewer i lived
by the sewer i died
they said it was murder
but it was sewer-side.

WTF? right?

now the above, for some reason, hit a nerve with us both and we literally could not stop laughing, holding our guts, for hours and hours and even later, years later, when we would recall these few lines of nonsense, would get us started all over.

i must say, though, after these almost 40 years of that ditty going round in my head, that by typing it out, i have desensitized the humor in it for me. bummer.


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