first tat dayi’m not sure why it’s taken so long to write a new post. one would think, if you lived my life, that i’d be writing every day. i even have a two page list on lined paper of all the stuff i have to say and stories that really should be told. ah well…

so..i live in the greatest city anywhere. portland, oregon. we call it the city in the forest, cause that’s what it is. two major rivers, the willamette and the columbia.  the city is gridded into quarters. if you’re on the east of the willamette river and south of  burnside st., then you’re in the SE, if you’re on the east of the willamette river, but north of burnside st., then you’re in the NE. you get the idea. and the whole city is not only surrounded by pine trees and conifers, but they exist everywhere in the city and when the wind blows, you get this magnificent pine scent to soothe your soul. my favorite therapy.

each neighborhood in what we called “pdx”, has it’s own unique personality. it’s like a city that’s not a city but just an area that has all these tiny villages round the place. each neighborhood has its own little amazing eating establishments and bars and other assorted independently owned shoppes. in the 4 years i’ve lived here i’ve never eaten at a fast food joint or franchised restaurant. i even hesitate to go to the home depot out in ‘the burbs” and instead opt for the little “best hardware” down the street. there are so many gems in this place that it would take you years to explore. i pinch myself at least once a week to ensure myself that i actually somehow ended up in this magnificent, young, vibrant, artistically enhanced city.

but what does this have to do with the title of this post which is “tats and toos”? here’s the story. my business partner decided he wanted to get a tatoo. now this is something that if you live in portland for at least a year, you eventually get around to doing. serious. this is the tat city of the universe. if you don’t have one, its highly likely you don’t live here.

so jeff decides he’s going to get a tat and of course i’m totally involved in the process. drive there with him, take photos, suggest tat position on arm, chat with the tat artist, drive to the store after to get the lotions to take care of the tat, etc. etc etc.

and of course, i had been thinking about my own tat for some years. one just doesn’t rush into this thing. there’s a lot that goes into it. you have to figure out what you want to “say”. is it going to be something meaningful in that sort of philosophic way, something just for fun in a goofy sort of way, something you want to remember so much you must have it inked into your skin, etc etc. a lot of decision making. so when Jeff got his, it set the whole thinking process into gear in my mind. and then when i received a tat gift certificate for xmas,  from aforementioned  business partner , well, that capped it. i had to really really get serious about it. which i did, even though it still took another 3 months of thought.  this is where the “too” part comes in cause it was “you got a tat and i want one too.”

here’s the proof. and, by the way, if anyone, like your business partner, tells you it just kind of “pinches”, tell that person they are full of you know what. it friggin hurts…a lot. all worth it. but most importantly, it looks killer when I play bass!! and in case you don’t recognize the artwork, it’s a phoenix. i’ll let you speculate on that one.

ok..slowly easing into it it hurts for christ's sake!

totally worth all the pain!