or better known as ” The Reviews of my CD” page

I was more than a little pleased and well, somewhat shocked when I noticed that people who had purchased Stolen Time, were actually writing reviews on the CDBaby site. Here are a few of them.

The music on this CD has touched my soul…

author: Wendy G.

...The music on this CD has not only stayed in my mind since the first time I listened to it about a month ago, it has touched my soul. I have not enjoyed listening to a CD as much as I have enjoyed listening to this one - over and over again. The music is enchanting and left me longing for more. The vocals are truly mesmerizing and the lyrics on several of the songs filled my heart with passion, sorrow, excitement and beauty. I truly hope the music industry recognizes this very talented musician/song writer, (Chi-town Sher). You can feel her passion and her tremendous spirit with each note played. Her music is pure of heart and will be enjoyed by everyone. With great appreciation, Wendy G.


sensitive lyrics and emotional music

author: LA Joe

Thanks for sharing your music. I enjoyed listening to another side of Sherry. Having performed with you as a bass player, I would have never guessed that your original song writing sounds the way that it does. The style of your song writing and piano playing is so different from your bass playing. That's why to me it is like another side of Sherry. Very versatile and creative. I enjoyed the excerpts I heard on the web site - sensitive lyrics and emotional music. The quality of the recording sounds great too. Nice job Chi-town. Love, LA Joe



author: Steve S

"Stolen Time" took me by surprise. The songs are wonderful, and are backed up by excellent performance, arranging and recording. You don't get much better than this.


…a cogent and meaningful musical statement

author: Jason A.

Hello Sherry: I received your CD yesterday and have listened to it.. it is so soothing and calming. It is just what I need to listen to at this time in my life. The usage of Rubato is completely necessary and one of the true signs of a great and expressive musician. You certainly make good usage of this. I also like the chorus-like doubling of vocals in the last track. Also, the 3rd track has a great slow blues feel. The way the CD is brought together with Jim Warren's art, your piano playing, and those vocals is just great. It really works as a cogent and meaningful musical statement. I just love it! Sincerely, Jason A.