in my Janis get upi realized i didn’t have a really good place on my site for the bass-playing- more-current, non-wig-wearing  ChiTown Sher, so here it is. despite no wigs,  i do like to have a bit of fun costuming, especially when playing Janis songs. i mean, really….

i moved to portland, oregon in 2008 and found myself without a band and not knowing any musicians. after over 20 years in LAla land, portland was like being the proverbial stranger in a strange land. but portland is truly amazing with some of most creative people anywhere and after a while i found a group of fun loving peeps with a band called “the rock doctors.” now this group was really made up of doctors, 3 to be exact! real rockers who just doctored in the day and rocked it at night. then about 5 months in, after losing our drummer and lead singer, we reformed: erik on guitar, salisa on keys and me on bass, found a drummer and lead singer/rhythm guitarist and renamed ourselves “the curbs”. we had a lot of fun but after six months of rehearsals and gigs, we decided to lose the drummer and the singer went off to work on her original country project.

what to do..i pondered long and hard and finally decided i didn’t have the energy to start looking for yet another drummer and lead vocalist (ever audition “singers”?…geesh) plus  i want to play some more challenging music, get down with some great R&B or cool R&R and gig more. which brings me up to my current status of auditioning and jamming, trying to find that perfect match. so…that’s what i’ve been doing for the past few months. let’s see where i land next. update: i’m happy to announce i’ve finally landed! i’m now being Sher McVie playing bass in Gold Dust, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band here in Portland. perfect. we’ve been playing all over the Portland area. fun!

here are some audio clips of 2 of the 4 songs I played bass on, for Jon MacKinder’s You are Understood Part 3 CD. More and Mountain Gold Dust is a Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band in Portland, Oregon

Gold Dust, a Fleetwood Mac Tribute band