maybe the page should be called wigs and gigs? there’s something so fun about wigs. it started in n’awlins back some years ago when i went for jazz fest. no…actually it started way before then when a girlfriend and i decided it would be great entertainment to dress up our male friend Bobbi in a long wig and beret and go out, the three of us, and pretend he was french and we were his wenches…but…that’s a whole other story. at any rate, i love changing my persona according to my mood  and n’awlins is the perfect place to just be anybody you want to be at any given moment. so my guy and i dragged another couple out to a wig store (actually I dragged all three of them) and picked up some “goin’ out on the town” hair pieces. here’s the evidence:

wigs wigsin this photo here, me with guy, you’ll note his t-shirt that says “doctor fun”. that’s a true statement, by the way, but the point of me pointing out the t-shirt is that doctor fun is an amazing harmonica player, has played with just about everyone at some point, even had women’s bikini underwear made with “doctor fun” logo on the “front”. he’d actually hand these out at gigs. here’s a guy whose license plate says ‘harp players do it  with their tongues” …another true statement, by the way. guess that could be one of the reasons i married him. we played on stage together for some years in the later evolution of the blue baron band aka: the stretch club, aka blue baron and the stretch club aka blue baron and the stretch. here’s the evidence that there was such a group. (note the smile on my face)

blue baron band

and here’s further evidence …  the stretch club uh…i dare you to enlarge this old photo. check out the totally ’80s get-up…that is NOT a wig

blue baron and the stretch club flierremember doing fliers like this??!!!The Stretch Club mag the story on this mag review: there was this weird little guy that used to creep around to all our gigs back when the stretch club was…the stretch club, just blue baron, steph (d.j.stix) and me (chi-town). i used to get teased by the guys that this creepy dude was there because of me, but as it turned out, as things will, he actually just loved the band and actually was the writer he claimed to be.

back to wigs. you can’t get a short one if you don’t also treat yourself to a long blonde one, which is exactly what i did and i even had the nerve to wear it to gigs in…of all places…LA. that’s some guts. here’s the proof. i played with this cat, jon mackinder for a number of years. he’s got one of the most powerful voices i’ve ever heard. it’s a shame he changed his music and songwriting from gorgeous melodic rock to what he does now (“steampunk”??) which includes changing himself into his current stage persona, jon magnificent. (hey…it’s just my opinion)

Chi-town Sherjon mackinder night shot jon mackinder

the “doc” and I had lots of good times together which often put us on the same stage, even if it was in different bands. here’s some gig photos from one of our renowned birthday party bashes. note my influence on the wig thing.

jon mackinder