i thought you might enjoy reading the lyrics to Stolen Time and perhaps some lyrics to other songs i’ve written. the songs on stolen time were written a long time ago when I must have been in the melancholy stage of my life, although, i admit that lasted quite a bit longer than i think most people’s melancholy years last…and they surfaced, in my case, at a much younger age. what can i say. at any rate, these are romantic, love-lost, child-lost, songs that seem to embrace me when i sit at the piano. for the life of me, i can’t play a blues or rock riff on the piano. it just refuses to let my fingers go there. i suppose it’s  all those years of playing fur elise by beethoven over and over, much to the distress of my brother russell, who had to hear it every day for some years when i worked in his piano store in san francisco.

the songs on stolen time sound nothing like what i write on guitar and bass (do i really even write songs on the bass?). but these songs were a part of me and so something like 20 or more years after writing them, i felt it would be a mistake to just let them be forgotten. i mean, how long can someone keep playing the same group of songs over and over so they don’t forget how they go?  i’m not a good person to ask that question of course, because, encouraged by the fur elise thing, that’s exactly what i did.

so here i am doing some late night writing on my beautiful guild D25 I saved and saved for and finally bought in 1974 at guitar center in hollywood. and there’s my ol’ dependable workhorse fender twin with 2 jbl 12″s and over on the couch is my bass rockman so i won’t startle awake the neighbors with those bottom bass notes.

now for a true story. i was living in no. california…santa rosa to be exact, in this little house off 4th st and i went out one night for 20 minutes. came home and noticed the back door was open. sitting by that back door was my guild d25, the very same one here in this photo. missing was 300 in cash, some gold coins and jewelry, and of course, the classic pillow case. whoever had been there obviously had just left and probably couldn’t run fast enough toting my guild. i was so happy to find it sitting there, not stolen, that i didn’t care at all that i’d lost the cash and gold. some things just can’t be replaced.